Chief Prelate




Archbishop William Hudson III

THE PARTURITION Born according to the good pleasure of God’s will, on January 7, 1974, William Hudson III was born to the proud parents, William and Patricia Hudson. A child prodigy, at the age of 3 and not yet able to read or write, Hudson began preaching from a picture bible. At the age of 8, Hudson preached his first church sermon publicly and began to hold services in his back yard in the summer, and in the basement of his home- which his parents, William and Patricia Hudson II, converted to a church. Hudson was licensed at age 12 and ordained to preach the Gospel by his pastor, Reverend F. D. Johnson, Zion Temple Church. At the same age, Hudson acted in the role of “Rev. Johnny,” in the comedy sitcom “Amen” but left the show in December 1990 to begin serving as a pastor full-time and established Prayer & Faith Outreach Ministries (PFOM), also known as “The PowerHouse” in a building located at 6907 South Halsted, which PFOM still owns today. THE LORD’S PREPARATION In December 1995, Pastor Hudson graduated from Chicago State University with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and in June, 2000 he graduated from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary with his Masters of Divinity Degree. In 2000, Pastor Hudson became Jurisdictional Presbyter of the Rehoboth Jurisdiction in Chicago under the leadership of Jurisdictional Bishop Claude O. Timmons.

In August 2004, he was joined in holy matrimony to his beautiful wife, Lady Andria Hudson. She is a virtuous woman who serves an Elder and is also a gifted writer of poetry and plays. Lady Hudson also preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2007, PFOM moved to 944-58 W. 103rd Street. Services are currently held three times each Sunday and throughout the week.

THE LORD’S REFINING Over the years, PFOM’s membership increased to nearly 2,000, with the mission of “empowering the people of God to become 10X Better according to Daniel 1:20. Pastor Hudson preached on a myriad of telecasts and ministered in more than 35 states nationally and multiple countries internationally and “fathered” many pastors. Then, in 2010, Pastor Hudson was selected by Archbishop Roy E. Brown, chief prelate of Pilgrim Assemblies International to be elevated to the office of Bishop. He enlarged the outreach of his ministry in 2015, leading the development of “Chicago Prays” an initiative bringing together pastors, community and civic organizations and leaders across Chicago land (including Chicago Public Schools) to appeal to residents citywide to gather together and pray for peace and prosperity. This resulted in a gathering of more than 20 multicultural pastors at the House of Hope, with more than 5,000 people attending.

On April 5 2016, Bishop Hudson was elevated and enthroned to Chief Prelate, Archbishop of Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc.

THE LORD’S IMPARTATION OF WORSHIP Bishop Hudson embodies the Spirit of Worship. He worships in his teaching. He worships in his preaching. And the Lord has lead him to birth a unique sound that reflects the spirit of worship as he sings. Ultimately, when he leads praise and worship, new songs embodying this “sound” are birthed through him and those present experience breakthroughs! In 2013, Bishop Hudson produced his first live CD recording, “Worshipper.” The recording of this live experience includes 16 of those songs, though Bishop Hudson has at birthed at least 20 more songs since that time. The “Worshipper” CD and DVD, recording is scheduled to be made available for sale in mid-late 2017.

OPERATING IN THE LORD’S PURPOSE Born to preach….born to pastor….born to worship, Archbishop Hudson continues to touch the world with the Gospel. The Lord has graced him to be a PowerHouse, and to help build leaders to impart this anointing. He is an eloquent speaker, delivering a vibrant message of hope for all audiences. Moreover, Holy Spirit moves through him to birth “a sound” in worship that brings deliverance, healing, and Breakthrough as you feel the “weight of Glory” that only exists in the presence of the Almighty God. He is a true gift to the body of Christ, called to “Unlock the new things of God, using the keys of the old path” to help empower people to become 10X Better.

“I have a determination that will never die! I have a zeal that will never dry up! I have a fire in me that cannot be quenched! I must win the lost at any cost, and I can do it through Christ that strengthens me.”